What are people saying about the Coastal Training Program? 


"Great resource for me as a private consultant. I try to take 1 or 2 courses every year. All the classes have been worth my time."


"CTP attendance is the most helpful & affordable way to learn & maintain professional skills and understanding."

"This is a amazing program. Love it."

"Classes help me stay informed, encouraged, and motivated to keep up the good fight!"


"Great classes, great food, excellent instructors."

"The quality of all the classes I have taken is as good or better than other very high-priced alternatives."

"Education is essential so the training program is essential."

"The "benefit/cost" ratio for the classes is so very superior to anything else that is out there is not really comparable."


"Love the classes. They have been very important in keeping up to date and providing more clear understanding of current science and policy in my field."

"Your classes are responsive to the needs of participants. They have been excellent and have helped me a great deal as a solo consultant."

"The information transfer is excellent, and the comradeship is a welcome bonus."

"I find that I apply the information instantly and constantly. I like the information exchange with other professionals as much as I like learning. Great program!!"


"These classes provide incredible bang for the buck, and are also very valuable because of opportunities to learn about issues colleagues from other agencies, NGOs and the private sector are facing."

"I really appreciate the location-specific information that the CTP provides and the opportunity to meet and ask questions of experts."


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